•New Pools
•Pool Renovations (A-Z)
•Marblite and Fibreglass
•Paving (simulated stone products/cobble/block)
•Cladding (simulated cement-based/sandstone/slate/brick)
•Industrial and Commercial
•Saltwater Systems
•Pool-heating Systems (solar/inline/heat pumps)
•Custom-built Concrete Jacuzzis
•New pumps, Filters
•Pool-cleaning Accessories




•Concrete Shell (30mpa 150mm-200mm): 10 year guarantee for cracks
•Paving ( all types): 1 year guarantee
•Pump motor and filter, as well as multi port valve, Barracuda / KreepyKrauly and DB board all carry a 1 year guarantee
•Marblite guaranteed only on workmanship.

(Due to the fact that the contractor cannot be held liable for damage caused due to negligence from the client.)


Pool Link offers its services to our clients on a long-term basis, even after the pool construction has been completed.




Pools 18 running meters and smaller R450p/m (Pay By Debit order and receive 1 month free) Pools bigger than 19 running meters R580 p/m


Pool will be serviced once per week, for 3 weeks per month.


This service includes:

Water maintenance

All chemicals

Suction of pool walls/floor

Cleaning of water surface

Cleaning and maintenance of weir and basket

Removal of residue build up on mosaics

Also includes ALL non structural maintenance i.e.:

Replacement of filter sand when needed

Replacement of ALL "O" Ring gaskets when needed

Replacement of automatic pool cleaner (Baracuda/Creepy) suction pipes when needed

Replacement of ALL manual pool cleaning equipment (Suction Brush/Leave Skimmer)

When needed Replacement of:

Pump - Customer will only be charged for replacement pump and NOT for labour

Filter - Customer will only be charged for replacement filter and NOT for labour

Multiport Valve - Customer will only be charged for replacement multiport and NOT for labour

Pool Light - Customer will only be Charged for replacement light and NOT for labour

ALL other maintenance work will be quoted for at preferred discounted rates:


New fibre lining


How it works

How salt chlorination in pools work

How typical solar pool heating systems work

How aquacal pool heating systems work